Patent Pending

Over the past several months, employees of The Lo.Co. have contributed their ideas as part of a long-term Patents Project. The following is a list of inventions that have been either a) already created by a Lo.Co. staff member and need a patent, or b) should be invented by a Lo.Co. staff member and then submitted for a patent. Both groups of products have the potential to boost company sales and rocket our profit margins into the six-figures range. At The Lo.Co., we like to think BIG.

Already Invented:
1) World's most fantastic cup of iced coffee, created by the CEO. Keeps Managerial productivity and energy at an all-time high. The CEO brews his top secret recipe in large batches that are stored in the Break Room refrigerator and consumed all throughout the work week. We feel that this concoction could plausibly go for $4 a cup.

To Be Invented:
1) A scrub brush specifically designed to clean employee sippy cups. The Kitchen Staff has in their mind a device similar to a bottle brush, but with a small attachment brush that will easily and effectively clean out the valves and small, otherwise unaccessible crevices of a sippy cup. Soaking the cups and all of their pieces in warm water with baking soda almost does the trick, but not quite. The cups tend to get nefarious little patches of mold in them, and our company has to recycle the cups after awhile if we can't get them clean.

2) A remote control for employees. The Manager would love some means to "pause" an employee before a serious misstep in training, or "rewind" and replay select Star Moments. A "mute" button might also come in handy. "Fast-forward" would be tempting on various occasions, but as training flies by so fast regardless, the other buttons would likely be of greater use.

As the company continues work on its Patents Project, The Manager will update this list.

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4 peanuts:
  1. erin j says:

    along with a sippy cup brush, could you possibly find a way to invent something to clean reusable silly straws? They get gross in our house!

  1. penelope says:

    Perhaps a threader for the proposed brush attachement? Because some of those darn sippy cups have straws, too. It's pretty impossible to get any of these things clean.

  1. Kurt says:

    The sippy cup brush seems doable.

  1. Megan says:

    You make one of those remote controls and I will take out a loan valued at the GDP of a small nation to buy one! Right now I could really use the pause button on a little baby who is growing up too fast!