TO: N.Lo
CC: K.Lo
FROM: The Manager
RE: Unauthorized Schedule Change

Please be advised that at the end of a long work week, when the CEO offers to supervise on the Morning Shift, allowing The Manager extended work on the Night Shift, it is not advisable to change your own schedule. If, on every other day of the work year, you clock out of the Night Shift between 6 and 7 AM, you should certainly do the same while the CEO is on special duty. Working late on the Night Shift until 8:30 AM? Not acceptable. Leaving the CEO with just one charming employee to supervise in The Manager's absence? Ironic, yes. But funny, no. And then to wake up in the best mood of your entire career, not even desiring an immediate trip to the cafeteria after a 13-hour shift! It's a disgrace.

I expect a better performance out of all my employees the next time, with your usual early appearance onto the Day Shift, and at least one or two Employee Code of Conduct violations.

That is all.

Your Manager.

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1 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    Please do not tell me that the CEO, in some infinite wisdom, decided that the managerial gig was easy? That would be pure salt in the wound!