Yesterday N.Lo, K.Lo, The Regional Manager and I went on a company excursion to a local festival honoring piggies. We all rode the Hog Day shuttle over to the site, with K.Lo and I singing "The Wheels on the Bus" as part of our stress-reduction regimen. Somehow (with special assistance from helpful bus passengers and a police officer), The Regional Manager and I managed to juggle two strollers, two small employees, and assorted office supplies on and off the bus, and through the sunny fairgrounds, stopping at certain points that would hold interest for the two-year set: The playground, the scary pony (briefly), the t-shirt booth, and the carousel.
Please note that we rode on that carousel for about a minute before the employee went a bit postal and flipped upside down in an attempt to escape. Seems our employee is developing quite a reputation for stopping carousels mid-ride. As always, the second we made our exit, K.Lo requested to get back on the horsey ride, which The Manager promptly vetoed.

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2 peanuts:
  1. Kurt says:

    You neglected to mention whether the excursion improved company morale, making it fiscally justified.

  1. hog days!?

    and yes, i agree with kurt.