[DSC02383.JPG]In case you can’t remember the words to those lullabies in the middle of the afternoon or night, here’s a good lyric resource for 13 of these songs. I often find myself humming the lines or making them up. Or completely forgetting the songs’ existence, in some instances. And actually, there’s one or two I had never even heard of. We’ll see what tune I can come up with for those…

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3 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    There's one lullaby I can't find anywhere and I don't know more than a few words. .

    "Go to sleep, little one
    Close your eyes and [I'll be there?]"

    It's a very popular tune, I think, but I just don't know enough to communicate it or locate the real words. *sigh.

  1. Kurt says:

    All through the Night and Golden Slumbers are English, I think.

  1. Kim says:

    I used to always sing Muppet songs to Hadley when I couldn't get her to go to sleep. When that didn't work, I tried the soothing sounds of Elvis Costello. Those didn't work so well, but I think I impressed her with my extensive knowledge of not-particularly-relevant rock artists.