You may have noticed that our regular Work Week hasn’t so much unfolded as usual the past couple days. That is because The Manager is currently hormonal and just doesn’t feel like doing things according to plan. I have two very annoying canker sores that burn especially when I eat chocolate—insult to injury! And I’m bitter toward small, unchangeable facts such as days only containing 24 hours.

Also, a set of pet peeves insists on reappearing throughout the work day, driving me to distraction and drink: One, a certain employee, who shall remain nameless, happens to get very whiny during the Afternoon Shift, possibly due to the Permanent Ban on Afternoon Breaks, and insists on saying my name just to say it. Incessantly, whinily, with no apparent goal in mind other than annoying The Manager. Obviously, the employee has succeeded in his or her goal. Two, a  certain employee, who shall remain nameless and who may or may not be the aforementioned pet-peeve offender as well, often shouts during his or her coworker’s Afternoon Break, or otherwise causes some sort of ruckus, disrupting said break for the coworker. Drives. Me. Batty.

At any rate, to get our office back on track a bit, I’d like to at least offer a brief synopsis of what I would have posted on the previous three workdays, had I followed through on my intentions, and/or felt my usual inspiration, and/or stopped whining long enough to MAN UP. What can I say. Maybe next week, with any luck, you will receive a full explication of the following topics in your Inbox:

Monday Meeting: The Gift of Time

In addition to the needs of their employees, members of the Managerial Staff need to remain aware of each other’s needs. Sometimes literally banning, say, The CEO, from the office for his own Afternoon Break is the most effective way to combat workplace dissatisfaction.

Tuesday Training: Progress Report

An update on the Employee Rest Room Incentive Program.

Wednesday Workshop: Managing The Goofball

Employee profile of The Goofball, what she looks like, when she most often appears, how to best handle her shenanigans.


Until then,

The Manager

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4 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    I do so hope your canker sores heal quickly so you can resume your clearly much needed daily consumption. But, at least maybe without the chocolate, you didn't need the exercise you just introduced either, right? ;)

    Don't know if you noticed Dellaina's repetitive "mama" at the end of one of the videos I just posted recently, but it made me think of you. The memory card ran out before you got the full onslaught of empty, meaningless non-requests, but you got the idea of how the increasingly annoying factor would play out.

  1. Andria says:

    PS I do so hope we get more details on your topics you have just teased us with.

    PPS I really like my immediate gratification of seeing my name and words - makes me feel more important. hee. And we (your readers) don't overlap each other in commenting, either, waiting to be approved. I'm just sayin' . .

    PPSS But, I do have to click on "post a comment" twice before I can; taking me to two separate pages. .anyone else?

  1. penelope says:

    The canker sores don't actually stop me from eating the chocolate. :) Sadly.

    I hate that about the comments page, having to click a few times. Must investigate. It's a template problem.

  1. Kurt says:

    I get canker sores a lot, and there is something that helps. Remember antibacterial mouthwash? It was popular for a while, but now it's getting hard to find. Rinse with that a few times a day, and they heal much faster. If you can't find it, they do have canker sore rinses that are a ripoff (like $10), but worth it!