As previously noted, N.Lo has an established history of grabbing and grasping with those sweet little hands. This work habit translates to the following results for our staff:

  • The Manager has lost hair straight from her head, and fears it will come out in a big patch one day. N.Lo likes to grab a big fistful and pull the weight of his 25-lb body up as though the hair handful is a rope. Which clearly, it is not.
  • The Manager has cried from the pull, pinch, and twist move also employed by N.Lo to pull up from the ground.
  • The CEO has cussed up a storm when it’s his leg or chest hair being used for leverage.
  • The Manager is literally kept on a short leash when the boy-hire grabs her pants and attaches himself, leech-like, to her legs. This action mainly occurs when The Manager very much needs her legs to perform such tasks as assisting the Kitchen Staff.
  • N.Lo has absolutely foiled The Manager’s bookshelf strategy, which involved super-packing books into the lower shelves to deter new-hires from pulling them all down. N.Lo is able to target, grasp and grab at one key book until it surrenders, and the rest are soon to follow.
  • K.Lo, too, has her hair pulled in giant fistfuls; however, it makes her laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Which in turn makes N.Lo laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Clearly, one of our staff has the right idea!

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2 peanuts:
  1. ~sarah says:

    it sounds like HR needs to sit down with the new hire and give him a "proper actions in the workplace" lecture, maybe a pamphlet with some pictures detailing the differences between physically abusing co-workers and using actual handrails, step stools, and ropes... ; )