Today at the Outsourcer, K.Lo’s class was to give a performance with the rest of the school, called Elf on a Shelf. I’ve heard her practicing to herself for weeks now, a few different songs, including “We Are Santa’s Elves,” from Rudolph. We didn’t know how she’d react with all the people, figuring it would go one of two ways: Star Performer or Wall Flower. Sadly, the poor little K.Lo elf was overwhelmed by the entire affair and didn’t sing a single note. Instead, she sat in the teacher’s lap for the first song, until the tears began to pool onto her her paper elf collar. I knew the show was over, before it even began, and so whisked her back to our seats, where she said in a tiny voice, “I want to go bye-bye.” The teacher commented that two out of the three kids she thought would cry did; apparently Bug is lumped in with the Criers while at the Outsourcer. On the plus, when I dropped her off earlier that morning, she was so happy to be at preschool she could barely be bothered to say good-bye. I’d say that’s PROGRESS.


K.Lo is the little elf sitting down on the floor next to the teacher (in the red hat).


She really was not amused; maybe it was the outfit.


N.Lo briefly modeled the hat.


So sad!

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2 peanuts:
  1. erin j says:

    awww, poor little k.lo! tell her that eliah would've been right there with her! she'll be promoted to star pupil by next year!!! glad she's at least excited to go!!!

  1. Andria says:

    this just breaks my heart, but I'm with you, I'm sure she looked around and saw all of the cameras documenting her outfit - that would be just too much for anyone to handle. ;)