I’ve been wanting to get N.Lo in action with the new hoops setup in our yard, and finally managed to capture a photo series today. “Basketball” is one of his favorite words, and for the longest time he said “ba-ball,” which was the cutest thing. Now he’s added in the third syllable, coming out with something like “basaball,” and gets the concept of throwing the ball up toward the basket, even if he doesn’t yet come close. And even if Bailey! a certain member of the Canine Staff proceeded to pop the basketball in her jaws shortly after this photo session. Whatever!



 P1020660  P1020663

P.S. That big red ball in the background is afflicted with a pine pollen rash of sorts. Please ignore the eyesore.

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2 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    that last picture of him looking at the camera is THE.CUTEST.PICTURE.EVER!!! LOVE it!

  1. Beth says:

    Ha ha, my little guy *loves* basketball! He still just says "ba!" ...but it's quite clear what he wants. :) We have one of the little suction cup Nerf hoops on the sliding glass door, and he and daddy "dunk" the ball together. Too cute!

    I love that last picture, too. Great shot.