I have some notes in my files that will be expanded on shortly. However, it was kind of a *day* today. So, in lieu of a more in-depth post, please enjoy these random leftover shots of N.Lo playing in the yard.


Blowing in the breeze: This picture makes me a little uncertain of the recent haircut.


But then the hair calms down again. For a brief moment this past weekend, it was shorts weather!



Look at that little belly. And the shoes! They are currently his favorite pair; he always brings them to me when asked to go find some.


The employee insisted on trying out the big swing, just like his coworker.


But see that hand slipping? Do not try this at your own office. You can guess where he ended up, seconds later.


So we tried a little “Mission Impossible”:

 P1020666 P1020667 

I still can’t tell whether it was a hit. And it made me nervous. Maybe he needs to be a little bigger.


Never mind: the CEO has arrived.


“Da-da!” [Not pictured here.]

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  1. Andria says:

    Love the MI posing! I'm impressed he didn't topple out.