Sometimes, I worry about K.Lo. In particular, I worry that she has chosen the career path of Bag Lady. Never lets me brush her hair, and even when she does, it looks unkempt. Doesn’t like to wear pants. And then there is her habit of collecting. She likes to hoard and distribute many small items amongst a series of bags, buckets, and boxes. All day and all night long, she collects. These items range from toys, such as princesses and bouncy balls, to the Manager’s collection of Pez dispensers, to the cafeteria’s drawer full of plastic forks and spoons. The CEO and I have agreed that whatever career paths our employees choose, we will be supportive, so long as they are safe and happy. And the buckets and bags and unkempt hair make K.Lo happy. But, it’s worrisome nonetheless.


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6 peanuts:
  1. it's her kingdom and rigorous control must be maintained for the benefit of all her land. perhaps if baglady does not fully become her, she could be a land baron or maybe an eccentric woman with drapes of jewelry... it's really limitless. :)

  1. erin j says:

    well, if k.lo is on that path then she will have good company in the eldest employee in our company. how dare i go grocery shopping and then try to fold the bags up and put them away... they must be filled with what i can only think is treasure... for he hoards the items and no one else is allowed to see...have we left two-ville for three-ville, otherwise known as bum ave?

  1. penelope says:

    It IS all about control, it's true. She'll lead an interesting life, that's indisputable.
    The poor, disheveled, hoarding little dears. Bum Ave, I love it!

  1. O.O says:

    Perhaps she shall become a museum curator, or a collector of antiquities; she shall set new fashion trends with her eccentricities; all the rich, famous, and powerful will wish to dress and be like her as she sets new bars for behavior and garments; and she shall be oblivious to it all, being only herself the whole while, blissfully ignorant of the changes she has wrought on society and loving completely her family, friends, and the precious bits of amazement she gathers for no other reason than they sing that particular song in her soul.

  1. gulp.... says:

    Mendacious wouldn't let me comb her hair and look how she turned out.