What is about sprinklers that provide such a good photo op? Post gardening today, we fired up the hose first, and then the sprinkler. It was N.Lo’s first real foray into spraying water outside, and he had quite a big time. K.Lo, too. I just love their motions and expressions, which struck me as filled with sheer joy.


P1020892 P1020891 P1020893

P1020895 P1020902 P1020900 P1020901 P1020904 P1020905 P1020896 P1020897 P1020899   P1020908P1020909P1020911 P1020912 P1020915

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1 peanuts:
  1. Love pink and orange says:

    Nice wardrobe choices here. Adds to the fun of kids and sprinklers.