This weekend, our company headed up the road to see, among other sights, some backyard chickens. Further detail of this excursion will be provided soon on (Mis)Adventures, but generally speaking, the employees performed wonderfully throughout the trip and seemed to enjoy themselves no matter where we landed.

Starting off at the Regional Manager’s Office, the employees looked rather spiffy. Please note that for the rest of the day, a) K.Lo declined further use of a barrette, and b) it was difficult to capture anything but the back of her head. I really tried!


We met with the Manager’s colleague and briefly checked out a horse show.


Then, continuing in the spirit of farm animals, we toured a few urban backyards, all within walking distance of each other, where chickens were raised. The chickens and their coop styles ranged from simple to fancy. The employees and I were all impressed and intrigued.

P1020986  P1030001 P1030014 P1030018

K.Lo and N.Lo both hung in there, in the sun and the rain.

We then had to choose whether to head downtown toward an art fair and possibly a museum, or stick with a lower-key activity. Ultimately, ice cream, followed by the park, won out. The museum we will save for another day, possibly our next excursion, to be planned soon; on a busy Saturday, after so much walking and in and out of the car, the park seemed more our speed. Managers, always trust your intuition on what your employees (and you?) can handle.

N.Lo rocking out:

P1030037 P1030039 P1030043 P1030044

N.Lo, by the way, *may* be wearing a Princess Pull-Up in these photos for reasons that require too long of an explanation. Don’t tell the CEO.


This park had a small train that rode around and around a track.

P1030054 P1030055

We didn’t ride it, but K.Lo briefly attempted escape to get a closer look. Shortly after this picture was taken, she was stopped from sneaking through those gates and onto the track. Yikes!


K.Lo then climbed this stegosaurus-type contraption over and over again.


Except when N.Lo got in the way.


Much better.


Then, we tried out the carousel. We stuck to the benches, because I just had a feeling that K.Lo might like the horses in theory, but perhaps not so much when they started to move…

P1030063 P1030064 P1030065

I was right. She stayed quiet through the ride, taking it all in, not necessarily unafraid… Good job, K.Lo.

N.Lo bopped his head to the beat of the carousel music. 


Lastly, we visited the water to look at the ducks, boats, and turtles.  


P1030069 P1030073 P1030075

I swear that turtle smiled for the camera.


All in all, a long but satisfying day out with the employees.


My favorite lines spoken during this excursion were…

N.Lo: Max. And. Ruby! (Tends to enter one’s vocabulary after several in-car showings…)

Also: I want gummies! (But will you be allowed more than two packages? I’m afraid not.)

And, K.Lo, while using the rest room at a colleague’s house: This bathroom has a bathtub. Bathtubs are for kids. Where is the kid in this house?

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5 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    whew! what a company retreat. I'm so proud of you all for getting out and doing! yay!
    Good choice - the museum is an excursion to undertake all on it's own.
    The Princess Pullup and the Missing Shorts, definitely sounds like a story!

  1. Megan says:

    What a great park! You know, I was going to mention the no pants, but I see that Andria has taken care of that for me. Thanks, Andria! :)

    How funny that you were oh-so right about the horses. Mothers always know, don't they?!

    I love 'where's the kid in this house.' That's awesome.

  1. penelope says:

    The pants got wet, although you do see that he was wearing them earlier in the day! And Pull-Ups were all that we had available... they worked! Although I think K.Lo was feeling a little territorial over their use.

  1. very nice!

    also i am against percentiles.

  1. sombody's mom says:

    I love the line about the bathtubs are for kids... where are the kids?