To celebrate the end of the school year at the Outsourcer, K.Lo and her class were scheduled to perform in a musical review. Once again, the CEO took an extended lunch hour in order to attend, and once again, our little employee clammed up at the sight of all the people. Oh, dear. It was to be expected. Considering the packed room full of parents, so many sets of eyes and all those cameras? I kind of don’t blame her! K.Lo’s teachers say that she has done wonderfully in practice and dress rehearsals, and her in-office performances have attested to this fact.

In the meantime, we enjoyed the rest of the show. K.Lo’s class sang “Getting to Know You” and “So Long, Farewell,” with the rest of the group, and “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” as well as “Follow the Leader” on their own.

A close-up of the T-shirts they wore:


N.Lo waiting for the star to arrive:


And there she is! Uh-oh. We’ve got ourselves a clinger.


Awww. Poor Bug. She had the death grip on the CEO’s shirt for the next half an hour, eyes squeezed tight in denial of this whole ordeal going on around her. The CEO offered to take her up to the front with the class and sit with her, but K.Lo adamantly declined.


N.Lo, thoughtfully taking in the show, and perhaps wondering, what is this all about?


After the show, we treated K.Lo to lunch at McD’s, where she whipped out the inflatable microphone given to each performer and sang a few bars of the aforementioned songs, as though she was born for the stage.

  P1030225 P1030226 P1030227



Where was this outgoing personality and pep a mere hour earlier? I’ve learned not to ask. We just appreciate what we get, when we get it. Makes the job more interesting.

Right, N.Lo?


A commemorative photo of K.Lo during dress rehearsal:


Our little star, front and center! We’ll be there to see you perform or not perform every single time.

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3 peanuts:
  1. erin j says:

    aww, poor k.lo. i understand the stage fright. it took many many years to overcome! but you looked cute and in the class photo she was indeed the star!!! perhaps she will give a private performance.

  1. Andria says:

    That is such a terrified little face!! awwww.
    I LOVE that she is center (stage) and clearly singing in the class dress rehearsal photo. classic.
    I also like the Manager's green shirt. what I can see of it, that is.

  1. penelope says:

    I should explain also that I really didn't mean to get that terrified picture. I knew she was next in line, coming in the door, and I had the camera poised, and that's what I happened to get. Poor thing. I'm glad she has fun the rest of the time at preschool.

    That green shirt is currently my most favorite. :)