As we approach the office in the company car, it is K.Lo’s habit to say, “We’re…home!” as we turn the corner. N.Lo has picked up the same habit over time. Today on the way home from the Outsourcer, N.Lo began announcing, “Home” way, way too early. At least according to K.Lo.

N.Lo: Home!

K.Lo: No, N.Lo. Not yet.

N.Lo: Home!

K.Lo: No, N.Lo, we’re not home yet. Stop saying that.

N.Lo: Hoooooome!

K.Lo: N.Lo, I don’t want to hear it. We’re not home yet. Stop saying that!

N.Lo: Hooooome!

And so it went, K.Lo vexed, and N.Lo clearly enjoying himself. I especially love, “I don’t want to hear it,” having *no* idea where she might have heard the  phrase.


Their back-and-forth conversation sometimes strikes me as so… old.

K.Lo: Look, N.Lo, I’ve got money in my hands. A quarter, a penny…

N.Lo: Whoa. Cool.

Speaking of money, K.Lo likes to ask for some, a lot. She mainly likes change, which she then asks to put away in her duckie bank. Quarters are the most prized, though she couldn’t possibly know they’re worth the most… could she? Intuition? She’s well aware that money can be found in select jars around the office, in the Manager’s hand after a trip to the bank, and occasionally in the Manager’s purse. I think she is practicing to be a teenager.


Speaking of teenager training, K.Lo (as you may have guessed) can be a bit dramatic at times. Often in the middle of a scene, when K.Lo is either screaming, crying, rolling around, and/or slamming doors, N.Lo will appear very curious and say, “K.Lo?” As in, “What’s she doing?” We don’t know, N.Lo, we don’t know.


We continue to get our money’s worth at the Outsourcer. In addition to random song selections performed throughout the day, such as, “I’m squishing up my baby bumblebee,” and the one about “bright, smiling faces,” K.Lo knows about deep breaths. Recently, in the midst of an office conflict, I said abruptly, “K.Lo. Take a deep breath.” And she did. She narrated it as well, saying “In through your nose…” and raised her arms over her head. Score one for preschool.


N.Lo, having the best language teacher available on premises, has picked up the “Why?” bug, as well as the jumbled together, but still-there question, “What are you doing?” The latter especially is funny to hear from such a small employee. Also, he will shoo the Canine Staff along, saying, “Bender! Bailey! Move!” Or simply, “Hey!”


Lastly, the favorite K.Lo-ism today: Froot Loops were referred to as “candy Cheerios.” Indeed, K.Lo, indeed.

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3 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    LOVE it! I don't know why I continue to be amazed that our employees carry out the same conversations. I mean, I literally have notes in front of me to write a post about "I don't want to hear that" and money collecting!
    LOVE the deep breathing exercise! awesome.

  1. we love the outsourcer!

  1. Megan says:

    I, too, was wondering about the "I don't want to hear it!" :) (Can I be THAT mom and tell you that it only gets worse, hearing your words repeated back to you?! Because it does. Way worse. YAY!)

    In our car the other day after Ashley went on and on about something: "ASHLEY, WE'VE ESTABLISHED THAT!" Oh dear.