There will be some adjustments to this costume, particularly with the butterfly “body” sparkles, which fall off. A lot. But overall, we’re pretty pleased with it! It’s made so that it can be worn with pretty much any clothing, which is helpful considering our see-saw weather. In one week, just as a side note, we have had the heat on, then windows open and now, today, the a/c on. Anyway, the wings, which were provided by the Regional Manager (it is actually a full butterfly, intended as a wall hanging, but wonderful—very ornate), are attached with white, backpack-like straps that I had laying around from an unused booster seat. Antennae were difficult to find this year, but we found a funky Mardi Gras-type set at the party store. Sparkle shoes were the finishing touch, and entirely necessary to distract K.Lo from her recent obsession with the Princess Belle costume sold at Target. The wand is a blur, but it’s a sparkly butterfly as well. More pictures next week, as K.Lo has two parties to attend before Trick-or-Treat!


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  1. Somebody's mom says:


  1. almost anonymous says:

    Very nice!

  1. AcidRayne says:

    Ooooo does she get GLITTER for her HAIR?? What a pain to wash out but oh what a sparkly butterfly!

  1. pen says:

    Thanks! Sparkly hair, great idea...

  1. Andria says:

    Love it! Great job!! I'm sure the bejeweled body is a pain, but it is so creative! And love the idea of sparkly hair! Think we might be painting Dellaina's face green for her full witch costume for Halloween.