• N.Lo loves (needs?) to mimic K.Lo in everything, which can be very cute, conducive to learning language, skills, etc. It also, sometimes, doesn’t make a bit of sense and can increase frustration all around, particularly when the action has nothing to do with N.Lo whatsoever. For instance, the other morning, K.Lo chose to throw a colossal tantrum re: a Snow White doll that was confiscated the day prior. The doll would only be returned to her if she went the entire day without a potty accident (TBD). She ranted and raved about the doll coming down from the shelf, etc. etc. etc., and N.Lo eventually chimed in. Simply stressed about the level his coworker was taking the conflict, N.Lo burst into tears and screamed, “Down! I want it down!” too. At this point, my entire head of hair turned gray and fell out in a big pile at my feet. I am now bald. Really.
  • It works the other way as well. Being 2, N.Lo has occasionally tried his hand at whacking Management when he does not get his way. Firmly told that he cannot hit and must apologize, N.lo screams, writhes, plays a victim of torture at the very prospect of saying the Dreaded Word. (Sorry.) The Lo.Co. maintains a strict policy regarding this word and hitting, and under no circumstances do we allow violators to walk away. So after N.Lo has carried on for several minutes, K.Lo finally bursts into tears herself, out of sympathy, or as a response to stress, or maybe both, and defends her little brother. “He wants DADDY!” or whatever it is. Sigh.
  • It’s no secret that the Lo.Co. is not a TV-free household. We like TV. The children are allowed to watch PBS/Nick Jr./Disney Channel, and we have a great selection of movies. It’s popular culture, and our company policy will not shelter the employees from it. However, TV is allowed regularly if and only if the employees continue to work while training videos play in the background. Should they become comatose little couch lumps, company policy will change. And I’m afraid it’s going to change, let’s just say: effective immediately. K.Lo will be allowed one movie, during N.Lo’s Afternoon Break. Period. The rest of the time, we might play music, or nothing. For awhile, anyway. A recent assessment of our overall viewing habits suggested that a little detox is in order.
  • K.Lo continues to have accidents at home. Mainly, she does not wish to tear herself away from whatever activity she is engaged in to use the Employee Rest Room. It is ridiculous and frustrating and a lot of other words I do not use in this space. She does not have accidents outside the office, whether we are out on an errand or other company excursion, or if she is at the Outsourcer. At preschool, she does have a lot of help, and it is likely worked into the daily routine there. However, I feel that at 3 1/2, having demonstrated her proficiency time and time again, she should be able to handle a lot of it on her own in the office. It’s simply a bad work habit, and Management is working to break it. She loses a toy (a meaningful one) for every accident, and does not get said toy back until she goes the entire (next) day with no accidents. Therapy fodder for sure, but rest assured there is plenty of positive reinforcement in there as well. Another big sigh.
  • Lastly, I have a question for our readers, possibly rhetorical. Regarding clean-up habits, i.e. picking up office supplies at the end of the work day, how much should Management push the issue? I feel kids are born with a certain inclination toward clean-up, with some being naturally neater than others, or simply more interested in the task of clean-up. N.Lo is, K.Lo is not. She simply never has been. She does help with cleanup, but it is frankly like pulling teeth, and some nights, I let it go. Whereas, N.Lo has always been inclined to help put things away. To me, the habit simply is what it is, neither good or bad; they are just wired that way. However, does that give K.Lo a free pass? I want her to learn how to be helpful and neat, as well as follow the rules. I know she must help out at preschool. At the end of a long work day, sometimes I am just not sure how hard to push the issue. Please advise in comments.

Apologies for the grouch level in this post. It’s a culmination of certain, chronic frustrations in the workplace. Otherwise, obviously, I adore both my employees and my work.

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8 peanuts:
  1. Beth says:

    Honestly, I loved the grouch level. Made me feel human. :)

    Ben HATES picking up. When we pick up Legos, for example, he picks up one for every 47 that I put in the bag. It's annoying, and I have only figured out ONE thing that (sometimes) works: I pick a random number, and tell him to put that many in the bag. "OK, there are SEVEN Legos there on the floor! Let's put them in the bag!" And he attempts to count along with me as we put them away. Granted, Ben is N.Lo's age, but maybe it'd work. Maybe tell her to pick up ten toys and put them away, or something.

    Good luck. Your managerial experience is greater than mine; you'll figure something out. And in the meantime, she's dang cute! :)

  1. pen says:

    Ten toys, that's a great suggestion. See, it's actually all about changing my OWN habits as well... :) I've got to pick a strategy and actually enforce it. Picking a number of toys would be fun for her and make me feel like she's contributed.

    We have been doing "races" between the kids to get them to put their cups in the sink after drinking milk. That's been pretty effective.

    She is a cutie. Sigh. It saves us all.

  1. erin j says:

    We talk about respecting our toys, books, etc. When one is finished with a certain activity we clean it up before taking another out. Does this work all the time? no. Our toy room gets organized every Monday and I let it go for the week. Things are put away, but not always in the correct places. It is part of our night time routine. Elijah and Grace must start cleaning up toys and once they start we jump in to help. We end up doing most of it, but I feel it builds a sense of responsibility for ones belongings (though I'm really bad at putting my own stuff away.)
    On the potty front, there is a sens of quasi-regression. I hope that this too shall pass. Maybe go back to reminding her every hour or so to go potty. It is a pain, but I have to do this to Elijah every once and a while as well or he'll have an accident. Good luck!

  1. pen says:

    All good points, and we do a lot of that, so I feel a little better. :) I think my biggest prob is that straightening up toys and such is sort of an outlet for me... and I know where everything goes, so sometimes it's just easier for me to do it? I guess it's mainly important for them to at least do a little bit every day, so they're participating, not taking it for granted that it will be done for them all the time.

    Oh, the potty thing is just so frustrating! I do remind her quite a bit, and many times she says, "I don't want to go potty, I just DID." Even if that's not true, and/or sometimes she does need to go again a short time later but doesn't feel like it. So short of dragging her there, or going back to bribes... not sure what else I can do.

  1. ~sarah says:

    um, this may sound harsh, but i have seen it work time and again with my mom's daycare kids, my preschool church kids... make her wash her undies after the accident. obviously she won't do a great job b/c she's 3.5, but make her rinse them out in the sink or tub. they HATE that. it is gross, after all, even to the offender. but if you mess it up, you clean it up. and if you don't like to clean it up, you quickly stop messing it up. and don't make it a huge punishment-type thing, just a matter-of-fact "oh you had an accident. well, come help clean it up." that way it isn't traumatic, just unpleasant enough to (hopefully) put an end to the "i'm too busy to go" behavior.

    oh, and hey, that helps with the cleaning up after yourself lesson too, so... score!

  1. pen says:

    Oh dear. Well, unfortunately, K.Lo LOVES to help clean up! I'm really not kidding. Especially with floor cleanup, because she gets to use the spray bottle. It's like a treat for her! When she peed on the carpet last week and had to help clean up, she was all smiles... didn't matter that Management was all frowns.

    There is just no book that covers K.Lo. :)

  1. AcidRayne says:

    No book to cover K.Lo? Sure there is. You're writing it here :) <3