Employee work habits of late haven’t been all bad

  • K.Lo is all excited about days of the week. What day is it? What are we doing? Is it Sunday yet? Is it Friday? Who are we going to see? What day is tomorrow? So I printed out calendars for October and November and we colored them in. I drew a “P” on all the preschool days, a party hat for party days, etc. Then K.Lo proceeded to stick Halloween pumpkins all over October, so you can barely see what day is what. But it works. 
  • We have a bunch of new books out from the library again, some good, some duds, but the employees seem to enjoy them all. Favorites include Skippyjon Jones and the Froggy books. N.Lo, at the moment, is in charge of picking out “Another one? Another one? Can we read another one?” And so on.
  • Courtesy of a parent company, we received 4 pumpkins to paint, and each employee was assigned 2. All 4 ended up a lovely shade of silver-purple-red-green-yellow, and both K.Lo and N.Lo are so proud of the project outcome. As are we.
  • The other day, N.Lo coughed, and we heard K.Lo say, “Buddy, remember to cover your mouth with your elbow, like THIS…” Nice! I do appreciate that the Outsourcer has taken time this year to drill this habit into the employees’ heads.
  • N.Lo received 3 Tonka trucks for his Date of Hire Anniversary, from multiple sources: a garbage truck, a fire truck, and a giant dump truck. Both employees are all about the Tonka trucks. K.Lo especially is hooked on the dump truck and drives it around the office all throughout the work day, filling it with various things.
  • K.Lo also likes to cart around her stroller, going to “the farmer’s market,” and buying various items, all of which cost $4. Sometimes she stops by the bank to take out another $4. The farmer’s market doesn’t actually sell vegetables, but it does sell books, pencils and stuffed monkeys.
  • The employees are very silly. Please see photographic evidence below.
  • Regarding the second photo series, Bat Hat, K.Lo demonstrated how the bat flies and flaps its wings, as well as how it curls up to sleep. She also recited the Scholastic flyer about bats from the Outsourcer, insisting on certain details that I didn’t believe until I read them myself. What do you mean, bats eat fish? Who knew.

Captain Underpants:


K.Lo in the Bat Hat:

P1040384 P1040385 P1040387

Bath time silliness. Bubbles on N.Lo’s head! (This scene was preceded by N.Lo pouring water all over K.Lo while she was lying on her belly.) Lots of giggling all around.

P1040381P1040380  P1040382 P1040383

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  1. Andria says:

    Hmm, so a fun calendar might be a good Christmas gift.
    Library books, yay! It is such a mixed bag!
    Love the pumpkin art - would love even more to see pics.
    Glad the trucks are such a hit with both employees.
    LOVE the bat hat! We may be copying it over here at our company this week. Need some fun ideas.
    Love seeing happy bath pictures!