K.Lo’s 4th Date of Hire Anniversary fast approaches, and the Manager is perhaps just a little bit excited about the actual day of, when the opening of presents will occur. This year will really be the first that Management will give the employee something to unwrap; last year, the swing set was built (aw…the linked post makes me miss our GA colleagues!), and the years before are fuzzy. I don’t recall there being a big gifting of any sort, and there wasn’t too much suspense leading up to the day. This year, like Christmas, K.Lo gets it.

K.Lo’s main present will be the conversion of her office space into a sort of “princess” bedroom. This upcoming week, the Manager and Regional Manager will paint the walls pink—the shade is actually called “Poetic Princess,” which is rather fitting. Before and After pictures to come. Then, K.Lo will get a new/old bed, with a curtain canopy, while N.Lo takes over K.Lo’s old bed, another big transition in and of itself.

Not a lot of money will be spent on this project, and frankly, not a lot of money was spent on the following presents, recently purchased by Management. Deals were found: coupons, clearance sales, etc. But this is what we ended up with. Shhh, don’t tell K.Lo…

SONOMA life + style Rozie Mary Janes

Replacement glittery shoes. K.Lo has a pair of pink glittery shoes, which she loves to death, but she lost one. How, why, we don’t know, but the shoe is gone. Just like in a fairy tale. These are rather “Dorothy,” but I’m fairly certain K.Lo won’t mind.





Disney Princess Paper Dolls Storybook

A “paper doll” storybook. K.Lo pretty much adores anything Disney princess. The dolls aren’t really paper so much as colorforms. It’s a sure winner.






Barbie Fairy-Tastic Pink/Purple Princess Doll

A fairy/butterfly Barbie. Need I say more? I wasn’t a big Barbie girl growing up, but K.Lo really is. I’m okay with that. I support it. It will likely do little harm. The wings on this convert into a dress, which is pretty nifty. And lastly…







Schoenhut 6-String Acoustic Guitar

A guitar! What? It’s so cute! Management briefly considered a small piano, but it was a bit pricey. The guitar was much more affordable, which allowed us to purchase the aforementioned without destroying the company budget and sending the CFO into fits. The CEO and K.Lo can jam together. The only problem we foresee is that likely, N.Lo will want one, too.

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4 peanuts:
  1. Andria says:

    aww, we miss you guys, too!
    And oooh, great gifts!! Dellaina has some red shoes (not sparkly, though!) and does love them. I've seen those sparkly ones and been very tempted.
    Dellaina also has that "paper" doll set and loves it! She got it from Granny at Wyatt's birthday party. There are static cling pieces that are easy to loose, though, so be aware!
    LOVE the butterfly fairy Barbie. Dellaina definitely got LOTS of dolls this bday/Christmas, too. Love that the wings become a dress, too cool!
    Yay, music is always a great gift. It might be tricky with N.Lo. but I'm sure K.Lo. shares well, right? ;)

  1. Beth says:

    Even I want those sparkly red shoes.

  1. mmm. presents... i like!

  1. almost anonymous says:

    Very nice selection.