• The employees enjoy bologna lately, which they call “flat hot dogs.”
  • N.Lo has never minded having his socks on, but lately notices or looks to see whether K.Lo has hers on. And of course, usually she does not. So he insists on taking them off.
  • A good, solid employee project in the afternoon is bringing out the air bed for bouncing. Yesterday, K.Lo wore her bathing suit and said the bed was a pool, jumping off a small stool onto it, which I thought was pretty clever. It is blue, after all. The CEO has made me pledge to drive the employees to the hospital whenever they crack their heads on surrounding furniture. Which apparently, inevitably, they will.
  • N.Lo has occasionally been ornery the past few days. We don’t know why, other than that he is 2. Sometimes when he does not want to do something, such as have his diaper changed, he says, “NO! I’m thinking.” As in, he is too busy to have his thoughts interrupted. I love it.
  • Also love: K.Lo, pointing to her belly and saying, “Mommy, my feelings hurt. And that’s why I can’t go to the gym today.” I guess she didn’t feel like going anywhere today. Me, either.
  • K.Lo has taken to assigning all past events as having happened “two months ago,” or “two weeks ago.” She will say something like, “Two weeks ago is when I wore that dress.” Or, “Two months ago, it was summer?”
  • She continues to talk about Jessica, her imaginary Facebook friend, usually when the CEO and I are discussing a conversation we had with colleagues, or similar. She interjects with, “So… Jessica was like…” and continues from there. Emerging details on Jessica is that she still attends high school, but is 4 years old. She lives far away, but in our same town. She has red hair. She gave K.Lo a car seat for her birthday. And she died one time, but the doctor woke her up.
  • Another sweet thing K.Lo says regularly: “You make my heart feel so happy!” Aw. Likewise, my dear.
  • One day awhile back, let’s just say two months ago, even thought it was more like three, N.Lo got into the Silly Putty while I had my back turned, and the warmed goo was stuck all over his shirt and pants. It sat in a Target bag in the freezer for awhile, in an attempt to avoid cleaning it freeze off the substance. At some point, to make room for food, I tossed the bag in the ice bin and promptly forgot about it—until the CEO filled his glass with ice one day, only to discover the dispenser was um… clogged. Long story short, the bag was torn, but the clothes were spared, though still, vexingly, covered in gunk. I have so speak with the Laundry Fairy yet again for her laziness. She then let the torn bag sit on the counter for another month—much to the annoyance of the Kitchen Staff—and today, finally, cleaned it. The solution to the cleaning problem was ultimately hot running water, coupled with fingernail scraping.
  • K.Lo finds these seeds around town, takes one at a time back to the office, and calls it her baby beetle. We made a little bed for the beetle with cotton balls and a toy tissue box, and then every now and then they get dry and crack, so we have a backup paper beetle, cut and designed by K.Lo. Face provided by Management. 


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6 peanuts:
  1. ~sarah says:

    flat hot dogs!!!! that's fantastic! : )

  1. jenn says:

    Everything about this post is so darn cute. Love it.

  1. who are these strange beings?

  1. Somebody's mom says:

    Does N-Lo's long-labored-over-shirt still fit? I just know that it is kids who have added the most fun words to our lexicon, never mind the influence of other countries and their vocabular that trickles in. In my kitchen we cook fat pancakes or skinny pancakes. Skinny pancakes describe Swedish pancakes which are a richer crepe than the French crepe and are really yummy with butter and sugar or jam rolled up like, well crepes.

  1. Beth says:

    All the Jessica talk is so funny and entertaining.

    And I love the tissue box with a little friend inside. How cute!

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