N.Lo: “Ugggggh.” [General grunt of frustration, mimicking coworker and possibly Management.]


N.Lo: “I don’t LIKE my blankies.” Said after denied the opportunity to greet K.Lo at the Outsourcer as planned. He likes to go down the stairs to the playground and find her. She saw us first, instead. Sadness.


After N.Lo’s first official use of the Employee Rest Room last week (no activity since), he received a sticker. So, K.Lo naturally wanted stickers again as well. Management tried to convince her it was N.Lo’s time now, and as a result, we’re back to more frequent accidents. Management kindly requests that you shoot them, now, please. We started fresh with two new potty charts, one for each employee. N.Lo is interested in the idea of stickers and special treats, but not really the potty, so much. K.Lo is happily back to getting her stickers.


Ice cream is a current office favorite.


Occasionally, the employees will try cafeteria foods they hadn’t previously tried … pudding, cereal with milk, toast with peanut butter (and raisins on top?) … K.Lo historically does not love sauces, dips, spreads, mixtures, etc., and N.Lo follows suit. So the expanded repertoire is nice.


And N.Lo’s office supply of choice has been the Lite Brite. Interestingly, he can actually pierce through the black paper, which K.Lo never mastered – and I note that because it’s not easy for grown-up hands, much less the hands of small employees.


Both employees refer to the black paper as “the mat,” which is from Dora the Explorer. Except it’s really “the map,” on the show. It’s a trickle-down translation, stemming from K.Lo’s pretending to search for things using “the mat.”

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