To: K.Lo
CC: The Manager, CEO, N.Lo
From: The Manager
Re: Workspace Design

As previously noted, we have been experiencing productivity issues on the Night Shift with problems specific to two-year employees. Overactive imaginations, nightmares, an increased level of awareness. The dreaded, alien-eye-reflecting television has been removed, but design flaws with our Night Shift workspace remain.

Today, The Manager did some imagining on your [K.Lo's] behalf. Waking up in the middle of the night to change position, give one's Work Buddy Doll a tighter hug, and try to get back to sleep, what would a two-year employee see? What things might distract said employee from getting back to work.

I did some shuffling, moved around the furniture so what you see now will be plain things. No creepy stares from the stuffed friends that are so friendly during the day. No big box of toys throwing all sorts of long shadows on the walls. N.Lo's crib was lowered, the bumper removed, so his space is less busy to look at, and the mysterious boxes underneath are now covered, out of sight. The curtains were raised, most of their busy patterns (hand-painted by The Manager prior to K.Lo's Date of Hire) now hidden. Lastly, the bedding was flipped around, leaving the plain side up.

Management realizes these changes in and of themselves will take getting used to; however, we encourage you to, as usual, try your best while working on the Night Shift and for heaven's sake, get some sleep.

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