K.Lo has been:
*fascinated by old movies/shows with monkey people in them. Planet of the Apes, the really bad version of King Kong. Her eyes get big as she talks about what the monkeys are doing.
*training with the Laundry Fairy and demonstrating great skill and enthusiasm. She assists mainly with the dryer, shoves all the wet clothes in and closes the door, then pushes the button to start the load.
*fine-tuning her schmoozing efforts with The Manager. The other day while leaning over to fix K.Lo's hair, K.Lo reaches up and pats my belly, saying, "You got a baby in there?" Needless to say, the schmoozing needs a little work.
*wisely cease-and-desisting from her Kung Fu Twoville Training. On our company excursion early last week, K.Lo showcased her karate-chopping abilities when The Manager advised that it was time to leave by shouting, "NO," and bopping The Manager in the face. K.Lo was promptly whisked from the building, silently marched three blocks to the company car, and then chewed out by her boss, who spoke in a very scary whisper-yell. Privileges were revoked, tears shed, and Twoville Martial Arts have not been utilized since. Management hopes to heaven the employee is smart enough to have given up Twoville Physical Education for good.
*training with The Manager to temper her Four-Alarm Emergency Voice. K.Lo tends to submit initial requests for assistance and supplies in the FAEV, which quickly raises The Manager's blood pressure. In response, The Manager speaks in a Voice of Utmost Calm, and prompts K.Lo to repeat her request in said VOUC. And we do it Every. Single. Time. One of these days, The Manager is determined, the process is going to sink in.
*a little outraged that even when she does ask nicely, her request may not be approved by Management: "I said please!"
*staging long dialogues with herself in which she tells herself (we think) what happened that day. Bits and pieces of Employee-Management dialogue is often heard, including rants regarding disciplinary action, as well as the curious refrain, "My Manager says..." Except that it's hard to discern what she thinks her Manager says. I am dying to know.
*requesting "pressy," or "privacy" at times while using the Employee Rest Room. She means "close the door, please." I tried this on a whim sometime during the Work Week, hoping it would help assist her with business (no luck yet), and then of course it took a few days to click on what she meant by "pressy."
*unbeknownst to The Manager, allowing the CEO to brush her teeth at night. When The Manager approaches her in the morning, one would assume The Manager was holding a chainsaw rather than a toothbrush, and so has allowed K.Lo to brush her own teeth. For months now! At least Management is able to assist with the job once a day, I suppose.
*attached to her nail clippings and gets a little mad when The Manager throws them in the garbage instead of returning them to the employee. We hope she's not one of those people who collects them in a Ziploc bag later in her career.
*requesting (in the FAEV) to wear the color PINK every time we change her uniform.
*telling The Canine Staff on occasion in the sweetest voice, "I love you, Bailey!" or "I love you, Bender!" And it warms The Manager's heart.

N.Lo has been:
*sucking (still) on those fingers, despite fully losing his nail. The Manager views this habit as a positive way to combat work-related stress, and therefore approves.
*enjoying the company pool out on the grounds, on those days when the water warms up to bath temperature. The pool is just the right depth to create a "walker" out of his float.
*racking up his tab with the Accounting and Finances Department using those windmill arms. Last week, he knocked the formula can clean out of the Kitchen Staff worker's hands, and luckily, the thing was almost empty.
*stealthily trying to thief his coworker's cereal bowl right off her desk in the morning.
*increasing his dexterity and muscle strength and can about hold the bottle entirely unassisted.
*working still on those two first teeth, chomping down hard on the spoon while dining in the cafeteria.
*getting the hang of standard issue plastic teethers, as well as frozen washcloths.
*sitting and "standing" (with assistance) at the Leapfrog Musical Work Station, logging several long and productive blocks of time there.
*adhering to a fairly predictable workday shedule with two naps, four bottles, and three attempts at solid food. Clocks onto the Night Shift around 7 or 7:30 PM.
*propelling forward while sitting in The Manager's lap so that he is on his belly, where he "swims" frantically. The Manager wonders how long she has before issuing an all-company alert re: New Employee Mobility.

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3 peanuts:
  1. Megan says:

    There are so many phrases in this progress report that made me laugh out loud... Most notably is 'whisper-yell'. Manager, You.So.Funny. I only wish our employees could get together and discuss fun work topics. And then we could blog about it!

  1. Andria says:

    I agree. .I was thinking it was probably a great advantage for K.Lo that you had a 3 block walk before you could release all of your inner rage in the "whisper-yell"
    Dellaina enjoys helping in the laundry room as well -- sitting up on the washer to put the clothes in as I hand them to her from the hamper in addition to the transfer to the dryer.

    I can't believe how well N.Lo is standing there! Wyatt loves to stand on his feet (and then bend over to stare down at them, like, "whoa, what are those?!") and was even hanging onto the table yesterday, but I was too afraid to let go for fear he'd bust his chin when his legs gave out. He's definitely leaning over, rocking and so ready to take off! It won't be long until we have that daily update of how much destruction and chaos the boys are causing in their mobility!

  1. ashley says:

    I think I may spend about an hour repeating "a very scary whisper-yell." I might have to write a poem. Love that K.Lo.

    N.Lo is turning out to be quite like clockwork. Maybe the universe knew you needed a "ying" to the "yang" you've already got. :)