*One member of the Canine Staff looks like this:

She now has her cast off and whimpers much less. This morning, she ate for the first time and so far has not required Housekeeping to clean up after her. Poor Bender.

*One employee has been attending way too many Communication Workshops. In response to pretty much everything today, K.Lo says, drawing out each word, "I. Don't. Like. That. [Insert offending article, i.e. waffle, shirt, etc.], Manager!"

*One employee will be visiting the Company Doctor today for the third time in a month. The previously discussed red and inflamed nail bed seems to be infected, and the employee will likely require antibiotics. What Management will do about N.Lo's firmly established work habit of sucking on those fingers while it heals remains a mystery. There goes The Manager's Golden Ticket for high productivity on the Night Shift!
***Update on N.Lo: The nail bed is not infected, though his nail will fall off. It may happen again, too, but will always grow back. (Weird.) The company doctor advised against trying to stop N.Lo from sucking his fingers right now, because it won't work anyway, and it is The Manager's Golden Ticket. A topical ointment will be applied temporarily, and if it does get infected, oral antibiotics will be prescribed. The company doctor also noted that the redness this week may be due to a trauma from teething, and said nail issue will not affect the employee's future chances on getting dates.

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3 peanuts:
  1. sock on the hand should help! good luck!

  1. penelope says:

    Thanks... we tried it yesterday (should have taken pictures!), but he still sucks on the hand and gets the sock all wet, which I think is even worse!

  1. Andria says:

    awww, poor Bender (at least she still looks happy!) and poor little guy. Handcuffs are probably frowned upon, huh? He won't take a pacifier at all? good luck!!